Why I’m Smart (Alternately: Why I’m Not)

People call me smart. A lot.

I’m not bragging, I’m just stating a fact. They say, “Oh, Nicole, you’re really smart!” Now, this is kind of weird to me, because a lot of the time, I don’t feel very smart. (I think that’s mostly because I choose to surround myself with people way smarter than me, though. Doesn’t do much for the ol’ self-esteem.)

So anyways, I was listening to an old This American Life today. The one where they talk about how money is a fabrication. And I was sitting there thinking, “Well, yeah. I’ve basically known that since I was a kid.” And then I realized! That’s why people call me smart! Because I remember all the things I wondered as a kid! I remember all of the philosophical questions I wanted answered when the world was still new to me, and I keep asking myself those questions. And I try to find answers.

So basically, it’s not that I’m particularly intelligent. It’s that I keep looking at the world like it’s new. I’ve made a conscious effort not to simply accept the truths presented to me at face value.

This probably makes me sound pretentious? I don’t know. It’s 2 a.m. and I have a midterm in 9 hours.


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