And once again, I’m blogging past 11 p.m. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write about today (but what else is new), so this might just be a stream-of-consciousness blog. Like I’m liveblogging my brain.

I came home for the Easter weekend today. I was meant to come home at about 3, but because I was up all night last night and slept during the day, I came home at about 6 instead.

It’s good being home. Not too stressful, like it usually is. Partially, I think, because I’m ahead on my work. On that  note, the feature article is now due Thursday instead of Tuesday, which is nice. I’m still going to treat it like the deadline is Tuesday, but it’s nice to have that safety net in case I can’t get any more interviews.

I’m actually going back into the city Saturday, though, to do an interview at noon. And then, at three, there’s a Nerdfighter Gathering (which I feel like I might have already mentioned?) which I’m super excited for. I’ve never been to a gathering before, and I’m pretty pumped. I’m nervous, though, because I won’t know anyone there (unless Rachael decides to join) and that’s not usually a good thing for people with social anxiety. But I’m working on that, the social anxiety, and it’s going pretty well so far.

I went to Walmart tonight. Got some nail polishes for my mum. Also eyeliner, lip balm, and blush. Because I like makeup. Which is a post that’ll be coming soon.

Sorry this post is shit. I’m just really tired and smelly and not into blogging at the moment. And on that note, I’ll leave it here, at 265 words.


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