BEDA 7 – Interviewin’

Today I conducted my first ever formal interview. Sure, I’ve done streeters before, where I approach strangers in the street and beg them to talk to me, but I’ve never done a pre-arranged interview with someone who has some level of expertise, or even a level of thoughtfulness.

It was terrifying. Especially with my social anxiety, I was super nervous. And even though I left the interview feeling that it was a success, I still beat myself up about it. I told myself everything I did wrong. I convinced myself that I had made a terrible impression, and that I was not cut out for journalism. Playing the tape back, I winced at every stutter, every long pause, every time I tripped over my words.

But even still, the woman I was interviewing, Julia, was incredible. She was funny and passionate and kind. Also, she had killer style (just a side-note. But I was interviewing her about fashion, so I guess it felt relevant?).

So yeah, that’s over with. Now I’ve just got to get one of the not-so-friendly fashion profs to grant me an interview. Before Wednesday.

We shall see.


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