BEDA 8 – Easter

This year, instead of chocolate, the Easter Bunny brought me wine. I’m growin’ up, kids.

My family has always spent Easter with family friends. Either they come to our place, or we go to theirs in Waterloo. This year (unlike last year when I was in Italy) was no exception.

We made the ham. My parents bought an expensive one, which I guess translate to having hair on it? I don’t know. It was gross, though. We ended up shaving the ham’s hairy ass. It was good, though, once the hair was gone. I glazed it with a combination of apricot jam, mustard, brown sugar, and a few cloves. Then, halfway through the cooking process, we doused it in maple syrup. It was pretty great.

Barb, our family friend, also made corn, scalloped potatoes, and a salad. All in all, a great meal. Also apple pie for dessert.

I think that’s really all I have to say today, because I’m pretty tired and want to sleep. (Even though it’s super early).


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