BEDA 20 – Sleuthery

I got sad tonight because I realized that I only have a year left to become a teenage super-sleuth. But I have a plan.

First I’ll get my hands on a kids’ magazine from the early nineties. I’ll turn straight to the back page and order me a spy kit from the ad that’ll inevitably be advertised there. While I wait for that to arrive, I’ll thumb through the rest of the magazine. I’ll also finish watching Veronica Mars (what better way to research?).

When the package containing my spy kit (complete with night vision goggles, invisible ink, and voice-recorder) arrives in the mail, I’ll sniff out some crooks. (Ideally, this is about a week from now. Exams’ll be done, and I can focus all my energy on sleuthing.) When I’ve found some shady characters, I’ll follow them. I’ll plant bugs. Sooner or later, I’m bound to catch one of them red-handed for something! Then, my peers will hear about my sleuthery and will hire me for 50 bucks a pop! It’ll be great.

Before you know it, I’ll have business cards made up that say “Teenaged Super-Sleuth” in big, bold font. In a little over a year, I’ll have to change it to “Former teenage super-sleuth,” though.


One response to “BEDA 20 – Sleuthery

  1. I’ve been watching Veronica Mars for the first time this year. I cannot believe I was so late to the game. I share your sentiment here, even though I missed my “Teenaged Super-Sleuth” window years ago. Good luck with the spy kit 😉

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